Class Descriptions

Show classes for:
Beginner 1

Beginner classes open to all ages, Learn the basics of yoga postures, breathing and philosophy.

Class course last six weeks, Cost $85.00


Beginner 2

These classes are designed to enhance the postures and skills taught in Beginner 1 and prepare the student to move into open classes

 4 Week course, meets once a week


4 week class to Learn the process of meditation and mantras

Meditation & Satsang

Meditation & Satsang

Open Class

Classes open to intermediate and advanced students.  90 minute class

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Class introduces nourishing and supported poses giving the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of  present moment centering inherent in yoga asanas.  The postures are supported by blocks, blankets and other props allowing for maximum length and comfort in the postures.

Special Event or Workshop 15

Special Event or Workshop with limited space.  Registration required.

Special Event or Workshop 25

Special event or workshop with limited space cost/donation $25


Teacher Training Course

 Registration required, Please call The Center for appointment interview.

Yoga of Self Healing

Six week program designed to develop healthy relationships.

After Work Yoga

After Work Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga, Open Class

Kundalini Yoga

Kudalini Yoga with Mahan Rishi

Crystal Bowl Meditation

Crystal Bowl Meditation with John Eustor

Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga Class- all levels

Pilates Mat Class


Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Test Class TYpe

Testing a class type.

Essential Oils Class

Various Oil Classes

Reiki Level 1

FIRST DEGREE REIKI – LEVEL 1 Training with Sheri Glick and Barbara James.

Date:​ Saturday, November 18th 2017
Time:​ 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Training includes:
• An “Attunement” – a sacred ritual which enables the Reiki practitioner to be a channel for the Reiki Energy
• An overview of the: History, purpose, and benefits of Reiki
• Procedures for Self Reiki treatments
• Procedures for giving a complete and modified Reiki treatment to others
• Supervised practice sessions
• Introduction to The Chakras
• First Degree Reiki Certificate an ancient gentle, hands-on Japanese healing art. This channeling of Universal Life Force Energy reconnects you with your ability to heal yourself, others, plants and animals. Reiki energy assists with healing on all levels of the body. (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). It helps to reducestress, relieve pain, balance emotions and facilitate personal healing and spiritual growth. Reiki is based on the understanding that imbalances are rooted in the human energy field and it is these underlying energetic patterns that must be addressed and resolved in order to create wellness.
​(please bring lunch; light snacks will be provided)

Fee: $190 (includes a 100- page Manual)
$75 deposit due BEFORE 10/19/2017

RSVP: By October 19, 2017

Barbara James, has a B.S. in Elementary and Early childhood, is a Certified Reiki Master who brings to her practice over 10 years of experience. Her life experience as a healthcare advocate has led her to a more holistic approach to healing. As a breast cancer survivor, she has experienced the benefits of Reiki and has specialized in aiding clients who have been diagnosed with various cancers. Her experience with Reiki has cultivated compassion and fearlessness in the presence of living and dying.

Sheri Glick, NCMT, RYT has been an ACE/AFFA personal and group fitness instructor and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist for over 15 years. She is trained in Craniosacral Therapy Level 1, Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy and a Certified Reiki Master. Sheri is also an Integral Meditation Teacher, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and a Registered Yoga Teacher trained in Sivananda, Iyengar methods
Both practitioners are knowledgeable in the use of Therapeutic Essential Oils and are trained in the Raindrop Technique, Chakra balancing and Metal Clearing.


Yoga of Recovery

Yoga of Recovery

Drop In Class

Drop in Use class card or pay one time class fee each time.