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Aug 08, 2015
Yoga & Sound Meditation


World Chant/Kirtan Community Gathering

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

7:30-9:30 pm

$20 Pre-registration, Register Here

$25 at the door



13 HANDS concerts, kirtan and community world chant events blend sacred Indian and world chant, rhythms & inspirational songs to create positive vibrations that open the heart and allow for anyone to explore their voice and sing,open up in a fun and empowering setting. You will be jamming all night!! Instrumentation such as hang drum, native flutes, ambient, live looping guitars, harmonium, & various percussion, create a wonderful, musical interactive, healing and spiritually healing musical experience... and you’ll have lots of FUN getting to explore and use your voice as you become part of the “13 HANDS world chant band” for a night!

The night begins with an opening sound meditation offering to set intentions for peace, open the breathing and set good vibes for the night!

13 HANDS events are family friendly... all tribe members welcome...

Bring a drum, rattle or shaker and an open heart....

Think of it as “Spiritual Karaoke” :)