About Us

The Freehold Yoga Center has been a haven of peace, harmony and spirituality for Yoga students since its opening in 1986.

Our center is steeped in yogic tradition and encompasses two floors in a historic building in downtown Freehold. The center houses two large classrooms as well as our beautiful meditation room which provides sanctuary and a quiet, welcoming room for all who wish to practice meditation.

Students will find themselves immersed in the traditional, peaceful atmosphere and surroundings of a center which follows the Sivananda Yoga Style of instruction.




To empower people to awaken to a greater sense and understanding of themselves both as human as well as divine

To embrace life as a whole and show the power that comes with being honest with our ideas about ourselves

To show that perfection is not a state of flawlessness, but one of courage to open the heart to all possibilities that lay ahead of each individual

To infuse life with vitality and to show that we can be spiritual beings without sacrificing our humanness

To allow our lives to take their course without fear, regret or resentment

To realize love need not only been given but received